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Cisco Product Infographic
Cisco Introduced an all-in-one, wireless and router, to compete in the SMB space. The infographic was designed to fit into a family of products.
Cisco SMB eBook
Cisco SMB eBook - We introduced an eBook to small-medium business (SMB) owners to know that Cisco understands their pain points for No IT, Low IT, and...
Anderson Strickler website cover
Anderson Strickler WordPress Development
My customer came to me after their website got hacked in a Joomla format. We turned a crisis into a rebranded WordPress site.  
moodboard design
Agilious Rebranding
Agile-style collaborative rebranding effort begins with a brand board to guide the imagery, fonts, color, messages.
Smart City Infographic
Sprint Smart City Infographic
The challenge was to illustrate how the Internet of Things (IoT) changes the way people in a city work everyday.