One Size Does Not Fit All for Small Businesses

How to take your product to market

Every product starts with an idea. From a start-up product, mobile app to a real estate gadget, but most things came to life through the process of discovery.

The concept to finished product can be a long one, and those who struggle with it often face numerous obstacles and setbacks. But armed with the right timing, team and resources, you can put yourself on the path to bringing your product to market.

Here's what you need to know to get started.

1. Concept and Planning

Our team of experts provide end-to-end pre-launch services. From market research to focus groups and wireless protocols, you can count on the product concept of our agency team. We know wireless applications and devices, the market, how to monetize applications and launch commercialized products.

2. Commercialization

Once your product is ready to be embedded for wireless, the agency can project manage the entire process to full launch readiness with technical documentation services and internal sales and engineering podcasts and educational presentations.

3. Go-to-market (GTM)

The agency team excels at creating and marketing your commercialized product. From basics like social media programs, videos, blogs, podcasts, interactive presentations, to PR, online ads to new Web sites, branding and managing marketing campaigns and tracking product launch results.

Data driven analytics

We provide an omni-channel experience to create value post-product launch through the integration of multiple data inputs and wireless technology. Our data crunchers can provide a single report by which to make your best business decisions. Vertical solutions and horizontal product concepts become live, wireless in-market solutions.

From concept- to-launch.

We launch vertical solutions for start-ups, healthcare, manufacturing, smart buildings/ smart retail and restaurant, smart cities and products for smart kiosks, smart parking, sensor-based remote monitoring, intelligent transportation, people, pet and asset tracking, wearables, mobile payments, mobile advertising, and augmented reality means we can launch products fast and efficiently. Striving to differentiate your product and separate it from the clutter.

We create a clean, three-pillar approach to building concepts, commercializing and launching them quickly. Because our experience lies in understanding the backbone of the business, the products, partner management, the sales and technical training involved and how to create the best GTM plan to get out front we are able to support the entire product life-cycle. Our after-market services will synthesize the data into actionable tactics once the product is launched.

Watch Video Sprint Command Center 2.0


Ask us about the 90-day launch plan.

Strategic Services
• Integrated marketing strategy
• Communication internal and external planning
• Identity and brand loyalty
• ROI/SEO analysis

Campaign Tactics
• Advertising: print, display and broadcast
• Campaign collateral
• Traditional and social media planning
• Web and Interactive promotions
• Direct mail

Technical Capabilities
• Web and mobile technologies
• Developers website, Social Media, and brand building
• Database design and development
• Interactive presentations

We’re a partner who will listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and blend our creative and strategic talents to deliver result.

Strategic Approach
• Strategy for website re-branding
• SEO website traffic
• Social Media Programs
Services Offered
Mobile design
Corporate identity - logo design
Stationery packages
Video, podcasting, interviews and development
Advertising: print, radio, video, online, social media, specializing in facebook
Out of home, display advertising
Collateral brochure and fact sheets
Product packaging
Photography, videography
Tradshow booth, Displays, Posters
Interactive media: motion, 3D, movie
Recording, narration, voice overs, special effects, sound design, music,
Website design, programming, writing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Special Event Management
Social Media planning and implementation
Wordpress - Web design and hosting

Cisco 1100 Integrated Services Router Infographic

The leader in Wireless, Switches, and Router technology, Cisco introduces a new digital-ready foundation for the Branch.

IoT - Smart Retail

Go to Market Solutinos for Internet of Things. Smart Retail, Restaurant, Building and Transportation Solutions - Infographic.

Sprint Command Center 2.0

Breakthrough video about how Machine-to-machine technology is changing our go to market solutions for Internet of Things.

Sprint Converged Networks Campaign

Sprint's Converged Network Solutions website introduced how Wireless solutions impact Higher Education, Healthcare and Manufacturing.

Rockville Science Center

Startup organization, overview brochure to build credibility and position for the RSC: "The Area's Next Scientific Breakthrough is Just Around the Corner."

Rockville Science Center

Explorations! HTML email promotion field trip to Stanley Norman Skipjack on the Chesapeake Bay. The RSC goal is to cultivate a sense of inquiry, discovery and understanding of the foundations of everyday life.


Learn From The Masters campaign - The goal of Southeastern University was to increase attendance and elevate the brand image of the quality of the faculty. The campaign ran cross a diverse media: Metro Bus and Rail, radio, newspapers, direct mail, html e-mail, and collateral.


Appointment Maker - Break through meeting maker direct mail campaign to senior executives of large financial brokerage houses and banks. The ROI was a smashing success with 25%.


Collateral Redesign. Rebranding: design and production of literally hundreds of pieces of collateral for Sprint. Overview brief, toolkit, solutions briefs, vertical market, aliance and product briefs.


Interactive Teaser - Flash Movie. We built a dynamic presentation to be used as a sales tool and as a looping background for their trade show presence. Play the movie. (QuickTime: 1mb)


dig-a-dub. Branding of songs, ring tones or graphics to your mobile phone for WiderThan for Verizon Wireless.


Trade Show Booth Design. Rebranding of products and services under the WiderThan identity. A global provider of mobile solutions services appeared at the CTIA tradeshow.


Sprint Collateral Guidelines- Sprint Turned to Dirigo Agency to develop a comprehensive set of content and design guidelines for their business collateral. Over 100 pages of layout, graphics, design, photo, and marketing tips.


Logo Design - Ravgen is a biotechnology company on the verge of a breakthrough procedure targeting doctors, insurance companies, venture capitalists and consumers. The shadow of the "V" represents the double helix and speaks to the genes Ravgen uncovered to achieve their treatment.