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Keeping One Step Ahead – things to consider when leasing IT equipment

Why 8 in 10 Small Businesses Lease IT Equipment

According to a recent Gartner report, worldwide IT spending is projected to total nearly $4 trillion in 2019 as companies race to keep up with the latest technology. Staying ahead of the technology curve is critical. However, the balance between getting the latest tech to remain competitive and keeping a healthy cash flow can be tricky, especially for small businesses. 

The solution for more and more businesses is to lease—instead of purchase—their IT equipment. In fact, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association reports that eight in 10 businesses finance equipment.

Worldwide IT Spending Forecast (Billions of U.S. Dollars)

  2018 Spending 2018 Growth
2019 Spending 2019 
Growth (%)
Data Center Systems 210 15.5 204 -2.8 207 1.7
Enterprise Software 399 9.3 427 7.1 462 8.2
Devices 667 0.3 655 -1.9 677 3.5
IT Services 982 5.5 1,016 3.5 1,065 4.8
Communications Services 1,489 2.1 1,487 -0.1 1,513 1.7
Overall IT 3,747 4.0 3,790 1.1 3,925 3.6

Source: Gartner (April 2019)

Growth in Leasing

Small businesses must invest in a more robust and secure network that protects their data and allows them to better serve their customers through digital services.

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving digital transformation is key to staying in business; yet it can be expensive. (link to Couchbase)

So how can small businesses–many with limited resources to spend on new technologies–compete? They join the growing number of companies that view IT as an investment instead of an expense. That changes the equation.

With the right approach, IT investment is an opportunity to make your business more competitive and efficient to manage. When a small business chooses leasing, it will save on upfront expenses to reinvest in innovation and boost growth or to focus on other priorities.

Cisco surveyed IT professionals in the Spiceworks community about their experience leasing IT networking equipment. Here is what Robert Hummel, with 43 years experience as the IT Director at Cheshire County Keene, had to say.

 “There are many factors from an IT perspective to consider. In times of rapidly advancing hardware, leasing makes sense. It gives you the opportunity to upgrade your hardware at set intervals. Doing one-third or one-fourth of the company at a time can help with IT workload planning as well.”

Why you should consider leasing

Leasing delivers an almost cost-neutral technology refresh capability. It keeps your equipment up-to-date and secure, which is important when comparing the long-term value it brings to the overall organization. Your business can start benefiting from the technology instantly, realizing increased productivity, without waiting for budget to become available. Other benefits to leasing include:

  • Predictable monthly expenses
  • Pay nothing up front
  • Stay on top with the latest technology, gaining a competitive edge

No one knows Cisco better than Cisco

Many small businesses turn to Cisco for technology innovation, but few know that Cisco can also help with financing. Our goal is to help customers get the best technology to optimize their business in the most cost-effective way. Leasing lets small businesses, such as yours, match their technology and business needs. In addition, leasing helps you take advantage of the full benefits of the technology whilst staying in control of your cash flow and investment needs. With flexible payment plans, no upfront costs and predictable monthly payments, leasing provides immediate value and helps optimize cash flow for years to come.

A payment plan gives your small business immediate access to the latest Cisco innovations – to upgrade to the next-gen firewall, enable your network to keep pace with new digital needs, enhance your data center platform, and allow people to collaborate more effectively across your organization.

Buy now, pay over 3 years as low as £1,000

Let us help you get the latest Cisco tech at no cost to you and future-proof your business! Save your valuable cash and use our funds–cost free. You can spread the cost over 36 months with the option to add more solutions to the agreement as your business grows–so you always stay up-to-date.

Find out just how easy it is, and  reach out to learn more.

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Turn your Shopify e-commerce site into a powerful operational tool.

What types of information can your Shopify e-commerce site consume via APIs exchange from your trading partner?

Basically, everything that you would need to do to continue to do business with your distributor will be available is available via the API’s and information on those like an invoicing credit order information quote information pricing availability.

  1. Order Summit – that’s pretty straightforward. The ability to push an order from the distributor
  2. Order information – Status of the Order the details of what order has in it.
  3. Pricing and availability call – asking for updated live updates on pricing and availability, the ability to
  4. Request quote information – So let’s say a quote is in the Distributor’s system and you want to get the details of that quote you can request it the
  5. Ability to create a quote -available in the API’s. The information concerning Freight costs, I should say
  6. Invoice information – invoice information they can pull into an ERP system.

For more information about how to set up your Shopify site and the APIs to turn your site into a powerful operational tool, contact Tim Fahey at info@dirigoagency.com

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Turn your Shopify e-commerce site into a powerful operational tool. Read More »