Does the Fear of Success Scare You? 13 Great Ways to Elevate Your Brand

If you’re waiting for the right time to build your personal brand, this is a perfect time.

I’m very passionate about building a personal brand — it’s something I’ve been doing since my first marketing communication and design agency. I leveraged my personal brand and evolved it ever since.

You’ll enjoy the ability to establish yourself as an authority, create your own voice and attract business by winning the trust of your customers and partners. I’ve worked with many companies on defining their brand — as well as developing websites, blogs, videos, messaging, logo development and  differentiating them from the competition. There are may more branding vehicles these days then ever before, which you can use to talk about your strategies. Here here are 13 ways you can elevate your personal brand in the upcoming year.

1. Launch a weekly email newsletter

Building your own mailing list is still one of the best ways to generate your own leads. You’ll be able to talk about a wide range of topics. Establishing a website with a blog can act as an information hub to build trust with your visitors for all of your brands and projects.

2. Run an ad campaign on Facebook for as little as $3/day

Facebook presents you with the ability to put yourself in front of the exact audience you want to attract. I suggest that everyone starts with a personal profile, then make a business page in order to separate your business brand from your personal profile. This approach is an effective strategy that is affordable for all entrepreneurs. You should always be thinking about developing great content, then present through on “Facebook Live.”  You’ll generate greater reach and credibility with your audience.

3. Start an ad campaign on Google Ads

When anyone is looking for help the first thing they do is search on Google. Google Ads presents your brand and services the exact audience you want to attract. You’ll gain credibility and leads. If you need help getting started, contact me.

4. Post daily short and long-form content on LinkedIn

Some entrepreneurs swear by LinkedIn as the best prospecting platform ever. Posting daily, keeps your brand top of mind with your audience. Since your time is limited, make one long-form content per week, and make short-form quotes in your daily posts, which you can then push to other social platforms, blogs, and websites. By turning comments into conversations, you engage with your audience and establish yourself as an authority.

5. Update your website

It’s very hard to build your personal brand without a website. These days you can get a beautifully designed WordPress website template via Square Space, or Envato or many other sites.  However, remember to go with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get started. Start with a simple website — Home and About Pages — are all you need to get started. Then build out the rest of the site: Services, Your Work, Blog, and Contact Page.  Do you have a domain? If it’s available, choose your first name and last name for dot-com domain. Need help getting started. Call me.

6. Increase your organic reach through blog and video posts

These days, you must develop videos and blogs on your company website to bring the voice to your company’s audiences. Content is king, but you cannot build a website without developing a great messaging. Influencer marketing is improving new business engagement. Marketers who employ an influencer marketing strategy believe it is successful. The views and social shares you collect using this strategy also act as social proof, and social media-based influencer marketing strategies will connect you with new audiences and improve engagement with existing audiences.

7. Participate in Twitter chats — or start your own

Post interesting news and your accomplishments every day. Twitter chats were immensely popular years ago and have started to become popular one again, which I attribute to the recent increased interest in the new 280-character limit. The easiest way to find relevant Twitter chats to participate in is by following the most influential people in your industry.

8. Shoot a video about how you can help someone solve a problem

Starting a daily blog or video your most excited about. Filming and editing is easier now than ever before. Editing all day and editing all night is not inevitable. You can do these quickly with your Smart Phone and even edit the video. Think about unique angle and story, the opportunity to attract an audience and raise your personal brand is limitless.

9. Donate your time and expertise to your local community

Help somebody. Help nonprofit organizations with their online marketing, pro bono. Over the years, you can expect to be introduced to an amazing number of contacts and being referred to some large brands.

10. Start a weekly podcast

Post a podcast about what you know. Podcasts, which can be merged with blogs, are portable and can be consumed during someone’s downtime. Some entrepreneurs build massive podcast audiences, and that spilled over to their social media profiles, which really helped strengthen their personal brands.

11. Never stop learning

Read the top trend setters and influence’s blogs and videos in the industry. I spend time daily reading and learning — absorbing as much information as possible. My industry is constantly changing, so if I failed to keep up with the changes it would have a negative impact on my personal brand, as my value would plummet. Stay in touch via, or any other social media learning channels. Offer advice and providing your input in blogs and vlogs, and even Facebook groups to give back to the community.

12. Network at key industry conferences

Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Generate your own leads by attending conferences and trade association events. It’s a great way to meet new customers. The best way to spend your time is to attend conferences, put as much time networking either during the day or at the evening events.

13. Get a professional headshot

I use the same headshot everywhere — from my social media profiles to my author bios — and that consistency is key if you are serious about building a strong personal brand.

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