How to Brand and Design Effective Interactive eBooks

How to brand and design effective interactive eBooks? Creating digital marketing assets like eBooks is one of the best ways to deliver value, create engagement, and elevate your brand. This blog is about my workflow on developing an interactive eBook for Cisco Small Business using Adobe InDesign.

Our design team of writers, designers and planners, develop an eBook about Cisco IT Networking for supporting the small businesses with 250 employees or less. The page count 12+ pdf pages to be used as a presale communication tool to download from the Cisco Small Business website, social media pages, email and other engagements.
We want small business owners to know that Cisco understands their pain points as expressed in the headline: “One Size Does Not Fit All Small Businesses.”

The Purpose of an Ebook

Our approach was a personas driven message. Business owners have challenges and they want solutions that speak to their pain points. These personas portray the kinds of people in businesses that are:
1) New startups
2) Expanding or adding branch offices, or
3) Optimizing their IT Network to accommodate a variety of needs: remote workers, global offices, collaboration, or other kinds of optimization.

There is a big opportunity for the Do it Yourself (DIY) small business people with either low to no IT Staff — and others that do have IT managed companies.

People want to know the right-fit for wireless and IT Networking for their business. The “one size does not fit all for small business” humanizes the Cisco products. People will immediately identify with the solution because you are talking directly to them about their pain points, their experience as a small business person who wants to get their branch office up and running right away, or getting the right wireless solution to satisfy the 100-200 people who visit their location every day.

We begin with our end in mind: what are we selling.

We offer the language of “Value, Expansion, and Optimization” to showcase the Cisco Switches, Routers, and Wireless to small business. We want to offer them one or two different solutions per persona. Then all them to connect to the Cisco online “selector tool.” https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/small-business.html?stickynav=1

Like a good business plan, a small business owner should develop an IT Network plan according to their current needs as well as anticipate their future needs. This eBook will help business owners to future proof their IT Networks by choosing choose the right IT Network for their size and future growth plans as “good, better, and best.” There are a lot of choices in the market place that want to sell you a cheap systems, security and promise performance, but Cisco understands “One Size Does Not Fit All Small Businesses.” We want to offer our customers “Value, Expansion, and Optimization” language of our Switches, Routers, and Wireless to small business, and get them to use the online

We were able to make updates including a new page on Webex see link Click here to view the eBook

Feel free to reach out to me to talk about how eBooks works and how you can use it in your own marketing journey at info@dirigoagency.com.

Timothy Fahey is branding and design professional, designer, professor, blogger, videographer and owner of Dirigo Agency Inc., a company focused on helping business owners use branding, design, and content to market their business. He has worked in the agency business since 1986 and served both local and global brands. His passion is to collaborate with others to create content more strategically so they get the recognition and results they desire through content marketing efforts.