Marketing Round-table on DIY Video Development

what you need to know about preparing for DIY videos

Watch our video as our panel discusses what you need to know about preparing do-it-yourself (DIY) videos. Tim Fahey of Dirigo Agency will moderate and — Margaret Doan of GKA Advertising and Eric Peguero of ENS Media Pros as panelist. Together they will discuss using a storyboard/script, planning, lighting, camera positing, dos and don’ts, including knowing and using your equipment, tips to use during your videos, and editing. This is a round-table you don’t want to miss!

Hi I’m Tim Fahey i want to invite you to our what you need to know about developing do-it-yourself videos the panelists will be Margaret Doan and Eric Peguero.

We’ll be talking about how to set up how to light how to use the microphones and different features within the the actual iphones and the android we’re going to go over how you actually produce these types of videos through the different social media channels including some of the tips and tricks with some of the editing software as well good morning everybody welcome to the marketing roundtable series um i’d like to introduce you to tim fahey who will be our moderator today.

For more information, contact me, info@dirigoagency.com