Turn your Shopify e-commerce site into a powerful operational tool.


What types of information can your Shopify e-commerce site consume via APIs exchange from your trading partner?

Basically, everything that you would need to do to continue to do business with your distributor will be available is available via the API’s and information on those like an invoicing credit order information quote information pricing availability.

  1. Order Summit – that’s pretty straightforward. The ability to push an order from the distributor
  2. Order information – Status of the Order the details of what order has in it.
  3. Pricing and availability call – asking for updated live updates on pricing and availability, the ability to
  4. Request quote information – So let’s say a quote is in the Distributor’s system and you want to get the details of that quote you can request it the
  5. Ability to create a quote -available in the API’s. The information concerning Freight costs, I should say
  6. Invoice information – invoice information they can pull into an ERP system.

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